Puerto Rico

June 22, 2013 - Comment

Puerto Rico Product Features 3 to 5 Player Game 90 Minutes to play High quality farming and economic themed board game Great for game nights Famous Words of Inspiration… Powered By AMZ QuoteCash

Puerto Rico

Product Features

  • 3 to 5 Player Game
  • 90 Minutes to play
  • High quality farming and economic themed board game
  • Great for game nights

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Efrain Rivera Jr. "UltraJ" says:

BEST STRATEGY GAME EVER! Winner of an International Gamers Award in the General Strategy category for 2003.Chosen Best Strategy game in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and USAWinner of the Golden Feather for the best game rules.THIS GAME ROCKS!!!I am a game collector and have played them all. Honestly this game is by far the best game I have ever played. My friends and I are literally addicted to it. Having NO DICE at all means 100% strategy and ZERO LUCK. You have to make the right decisions or you WILL lose. The best part is that you will not find a winning pattern on this game. The strategy used to win in one game will be useless once your friends catch up on it. This means each time you play it will be different.Here is a raw description of this great game.Each player has a small board with city and land spaces to build on. You start with one plantation and a small amount of money. Each player in turns will chose a role…

James M. Napolitano "darlok" says:

Most impressive game i’ve ever played Puerto Rico is the best all around board game i have ever played. The balance i would say is near perfection and of all the games I’ve played the score was always very close.While this game out of the box takes a little while to understand the nuances of the rules and how to take advantage of the different roles, it’s very worthwhile and rewarding. After two plays, my friends were all very into it and anxious to play again.The fifty foot view of the game looks something like this. Everyone has a board that has an area for placing plantations and city area for buildings. Plantations grow crops, you need certain buildings to produce/store the crops which go in the city area and you eventually want to ship those crops(back to the mainland…whateva) and that’s how you ultimately score points. There are variety of different crops you can grow and different types of buildings which give different type of advantages(and are worth a certain # of victory points). Each…

J. Beck "br4v3_s1r_r0b1n" says:

Very strategic gameplay Playing this game is a blast! Unlike games like Settlers of Cataan, there is very little randomness (no dice needed). And yet, it’s never the same twice. Players take turn choosing roles. Those roles either produce goods, sell goods for money, build structures, or ship goods for points. The chossing the role affects all players, but the chooser gets an advantage for that role. The choice of roles goes around the board, the role cards get replaced, and then the next person gets first choice.As the turns go, you develop crops, build structures that give you a strategic advantage, move people to buildings or to work crops. At the end of play you add up the points (not the money) to determine who wins.What makes it especially odd is that there is no direct trading with other players, and yet your choice of role can either help or hurt other players. Choosing carefully to not favor other players while making progress yourself is where the challenge of the game…

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